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With 2 decades of experience teaching project management, having observed the birth and death of tools and solutions, permanency of ideas and theories, we aim at imparting our students with practical knowledge, more than what books can ever offer.

About Us

Intended Audience

Our project management course is designed exclusively for those who are currently engaged in projects full time and wish to understand the intricacies of project management without taking a break.

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Learn All Tools Involved

Microsoft Project is a key tool required to handle massive projects and it also happens to be the easiest to begin with. We teach you various such tools so you can aptly handle any kind of project.


Course Highlights

Selecting Right Project

Learn how to select projects based on viability and examples of several business cases. How do you make a project to meet approvals from higher ups and more.

Integration Importance

Understand terms such as integrated change control, work allocation and project closure. Learn to build an overall project plan and schedule for risks, changes and more.

Scope Management

Understanding the scope of a project, defining requirements and gathering intel, using WBS and controlling changes to existing scope. Learn all about scope management.

TCRQ Management

A broad course that delves into time, cost, risk and quality management as separate subjects. Together you will be able to prepare a project plan from star to finish.