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Total Quality Management

Delving deep into Quality Management is very important if you wish to rise in the ranks of Project Management as an Academic field as well as a hands-on field. In order to ensure the consistency in the procedures, dynamics, goals, facets as well as the final outcome of the project, the best practices of Quality Management need to be revered well down deep. And the new-age terms for this realm of Project Management has evolved way past mere Quality Management, and has come to be regarded as Total Quality Management.

Steering Towards Enhanced Performance

For any organization to be successful, the higher, mid and lower level management needs to be aware of the different tenets of Total Quality Management, and accordingly implement the same based on the business structure, brand image, operational and financial aspects of their organization. Another key dynamic that comes into play here is the leadership style is that is adopted by the management team. Helming any company or organization towards success is never a one-man effort and this needs an entire team in place. If you have a well-defined leadership style and organizational reporting hierarchy in order, along with the key operating procedures in place, the Project Management gets phased out systematically along with the desired outcome.