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Sign up for the Pride Newsletter

Our student community as well as Professors have actively been involved in the writing of the Pride Newsletter, encompassing all areas of Project Management as well as broader perspectives of Business and Education. If you are keen on receiving a one-stop online guide to an all-inclusive, in-depth account of project management, then please do subscribe to the same, by simply sending an email to us. Being in sync with the digital revolution, we have steered clear of circulating hard copies of any magazines or information leaflets, and only circulate our Monthly Newsletter online. We’re also pleased to tell you that the subscription or membership is absolutely free, and you do not have to be related to the institute in any manner, in order to avail of its benefits. But we will definitely require you to fill a simple form prior to subscription, enlisting few mandatory professional details for our reference.

Events and More…

Also for the latest information on upcoming Events such as Symposiums, Debates, Conferences and Media Events, and sponsorship opportunities such as the World Donation Scheme that we recently covered, please contact our PR Manager using the contact form below. We also update the latest information about these in the newsletter, which you could refer to for any generic information related to any event. But for a one-on-one discussion related to a particular aspect, please don’t hesitate to send an email.