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A Closer Look at HACCP

As a student of Project Management, it is inevitable for you to first know about HACCP. If you are entirely new to the concept, I’d like to tell you that HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. HACCCP plays a pivotal role in ensuring Total Quality Management and holistic Project Management across the Food Processing Industry. What is even more important is to understand that adhering to HACCP has been made mandatory in most countries of Europe, as far as the Food Processing Industry is concerned.

Water Quality Management

Just so you know HACCP happens to be pivotal to the Food Industry, but its inter-related concepts can be seen in many other industries as well. When it comes to Water Plants, we see the emergence of a related but mutually exclusive concept known as Water Quality Management. All the more, you have subjective fields like litigation, policy changes and local institutional laws that you need to be well aware of, prior to taking up any project in this field.

Lean Project Management

Lean is the new mantra for Project Management visionaries, and every effort is being made to steer ahead in this specific direction. The reasons for this conscious move are multifold. To begin with, there is a lot of competition at a global scale, and if a company needs to distinguish itself from its competitors that offer more or less the same portfolio, the management will definitely need to give some thought to Lean Project Management. Even in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility and Ecological Consciousness, the principles of Lean Project Management need to be applied.

One major challenge for the students of the Pride Institute of Project Management in this regard, would be the implementation of theoretical lean concepts into practicality and achieving real and significant cost benefits.