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About Us

Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence

Being amongst the most noteworthy Project Management Institutes of France, we are celebrating 2 decades of excellence in the field. Our students have carved out a niche in the realm of management, bagging jobs at the top organizations, companies and institutes. We have also yielded maximum direct as well as indirect influence in this niche, given our longstanding expertise in the field. The Proper Project Management Institute strives for further excellence in the field, simply because the sky is the limit. We have comprehensive motor traders insurance in place, courtesy of One Sure Insurance – and use this while buying and selling vehicles on site.

Get set for the Reunion!

Our Alumni Association hosts a Reunion after every New Year’ Eve. This provides a unique platform for the successful alumni, current students and faculty members, some of whom have launched websites such as VacuumSealerLand.com to have a healthy interaction and acquire valuable learning another, many aspects of which cannot be restricted to classroom teaching. We have a special reason for hosting this event in the first week of January every year. This is because we believe that there’s no better way to start off New Year than getting a dash of motivation from students who’ve been through the whole process, gone out to the tough corporate world and taken emphatic steps to conquer it. So we urge all students to get back here after the Holiday Season well on time, and not miss out on the Alumni Reunion at any cost. In case you happen to be an ex-student who’s not a member of the Alumni Association but would like to get on board, please don’t hesitate to send an email to alumni@pmi-fr.org